Jazz Ensemble/Jazz Lab/Jazz Band

Lindbergh High School offers three jazz bands—Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab, and Jazz Band. With a comprehensive study of styles and history, these bands have multiple opportunities to participate in festivals and concerts throughout the school year. 

The Jazz Ensemble is a high school class that meets daily, while the Jazz Lab and Jazz Band meet during zero hour (before school).  Students receive academic credit for Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab. All bands are created through an audition process that encourages participation regardless of a student's experience in this genre. Jazz Ensemble auditions take place in February for the next school year, while Jazz Lab and Jazz Band auditions are held in October for the current school year.  



Specific event details and information to come from Jazz directors. 

Jazz in the Meadows: (February)  Overnight trip for Middle School Jazz Ensemble and LHS Jazz Lab.   

Night of Jazz:  (April)  Concert at LHS featuring all 3 LHS Jazz bands and Middle School Jazz band. 

Greater St. Louis (GSL) Jazz Festival: (April)  All 3 LHS Jazz Bands perform at UMSL.

Basically Basie Competition KC: (April)  LHS Jazz Ensemble will take an overnight trip to Kansas City to perform in the Basically Basie Festival. 

Jazz & Bistro: (Spring) Jazz & Bistro was a new event in March 2022 held in the new cafeteria at LHS. In collaboration with the band directors, jazz students perform while attendees enjoy dinner. 

Friendship Village: (May) Jazz Ensemble performs at Friendship Village to provide entertainment to residents of the facility.