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The “Spirit of St. Louis Marching Band” is comprised of students from the entire band program grades 9-12. The purpose of this first semester daily class is to provide students with unique performance opportunities while improving their musical skills, building individual confidence, responsibility and social skills. Through rehearsals and performance at football games, competitions, and concerts, each student will experience and be expected to demonstrate contemporary marching styles while performing related memorized music on their instrument/equipment. Performances include home varsity football games, homecoming parades, band competitions, and other performances as approved.  Since this a performance- based class, students must be present and punctual to succeed. A significant portion of the student’s grade will be based on attendance.

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Marching Band Criteria & Policies

  • Syllabus
  • LHS Band Policies Agreement
  • Physicals Form - Incoming 8th graders and any other member who hasn't had a physical for 2 years will need a physical prior to starting July Marching Band Camp.
  • Athletic Fee - All Marching Band students need to pay a yearly school athletic fee for any activity that your child will participate in during the school year.  The athletic fee must be completed prior to starting July Marching Band Camp. 



Planned Absence?

If your student has a planned absence (or an emergency) that will cause them to miss a marching band rehearsal, please fill out an absence form to alert directors.


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Our monthly giving program makes it possible for every LHS student to have the opportunity to play in the band, regardless of cost.

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