The “Spirit of St. Louis Marching Band” is comprised of students from the entire band program grades 9-12. The purpose of this first semester daily class is to provide students with unique performance opportunities while improving their musical skills, building individual confidence, responsibility and social skills. Through rehearsals and performance at football games, competitions, and concerts, each student will experience and be expected to demonstrate contemporary marching styles while performing related memorized music on their instrument/equipment. Performances include home varsity football games, homecoming parades, band competitions, and other performances as approved.  Since this a performance- based class, students must be present and punctual to succeed. A significant portion of the student’s grade will be based on attendance.

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Marching Band Information

**If you have a planned/emergency rehearsal absence, please click link and fill out form to alert directors. Rehearsal Planned Absence Form






All performances, competitions, football games can be found on the band calendar on Membership ToolKit (MTK) at Lindbergh Bands Bandstanders - Calendar (  You will need to log in to the MTK and click on the CALENDAR tab or check the App.    The Calendar can also be “synced” to your personal calendar (and that of your student) so you won’t miss a thing!!   However as with all things, it is subject to change so if you sync it with your personal calendar, it will certainly make things much easier to keep track of.   The band directors do everything within their power to adhere to this schedule but things happen.  Always check the calendar before making any vacation plans too.


Yes, every member needs to be at every rehearsal and performance but if you know of a conflict, do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of the directors. Communication is key - and the directors can work around things if they know well in advance of any conflicts.  

See the Marching Band Syllabus for attendance policy.  If you have a planned or emergency rehearsal absence, please alert the directors via the Rehearsal Absence Form

Absences are disruptive to the learning of both the individual member and the group.  All of the work that is taught and practiced is interconnected between members and requires everyone to be present.  Rehearsals are where we put together the show with the group. 


Directors want to start rehearsals and events on time so it is critical for everyone to be on time or early!  If your instrument/role requires 15 minutes to setup, you must factor that into your arrival time.  If marching band practice starts at 6:00pm this means the students must be ready to play by 6:00pm.  Remember, “If you are on time, you are late!”

Marching Band events are scheduled precisely so please get accustomed to reviewing a schedule and sticking to it.  Please review each event’s detailed schedule so that you are aware of what is expected for that day. Details for each event will be populated in the virtual calendar as these details become available so check the MTK calendar.   Also, each marcher should look to their section leader for guidance.

Finally, if practice or an event is scheduled to end for example at 8:30pm, this does not mean that students  will be able to hop in the car at 8:30 and head home.  Most sections (especially the pit/front ensemble) require time to transport and put away their instruments.  Please factor in this time when coming to pick up your child.  Also, exact times for returning to school after events may not be known and are approximate on the calendar.   Any updates will be promptly communicated as they become available. 


June Camp: If you are in town during that time, you are required to attend.  All band members are highly encouraged to attend.   High School students have the opportunity to volunteer for middle school band camps to earn hours for A+ Program. 

Summer Marching Band Camp:  MANDATORY.  It begins last week of July and runs for approximately 3 weeks Monday-Thursdays.  It is generally from 7:00am to 5:00pm at LHS.  This camp will form the basis of the upcoming year’s performance.  The students learn to work in their respective sections and as one group.  They get to meet their leaders and band members.  Morning snack and lunch are provided by Bandstanders.  Students must organize your own transportation.  If you require assistance with transportation, please contact and we will try to assist you with carpooling. 

Camp Lakewood:  MANDATORY.  This is a 4-day (Thursday- Sunday) sleep-away camp in August located in Potosi, MO where the hard work begins.  Parent Chaperones will be in attendance (highly recommended for new parents to volunteer – it is a great way to meet the band family).   Students and parent volunteers are transported via buses and are provided all meals.   You will be provided with all the information you will need prior to camp.   Trip is included in the band member’s band fees.  There is a fee for chaperones. 

GENERAL CAMP RECOMMENDATIONS:  ∙ Soft-soled shoes with adequate arch and heel protection – no flip-flops or skater shoes. ∙ Light-colored, loose-fitting clothing ∙ Sunblock ∙ Sun Hat ∙ Rain does not stop practice. We will rehearse, rain or shine. If you think it is going to rain on a certain day, then bring rain gear. ∙ Half-gallon to gallon insulated water bottles (labeled).


MANDATORY. During the school year, students will have before school rehearsals (referred to Zero hour) and evening rehearsals. Zero hour rehearsals continue into first hour of school.  Check the calendar for dates.


There are usually 4-5 home Varsity Football Games on Friday nights during the fall that the band performs at Lindbergh High School.  Should the football team make it to the post-season, the band would participate in those home games as well. Band students will report to the band room prior to the start of the game. In this time, the students change into their uniforms and take out instruments. The Band will march into the stadium before the game to a drumline cadence. They perform the fight song, pep tunes, etc. During the game, they sit in a designated section on the stands.  The band will perform a portion of their show either as pre-game or half-time entertainment. The games usually end at around 9 o’clock. After the game, the band will march back to the band room, put away uniforms and instruments, get final announcements if any, and then be dismissed. 

Parents and friends do not sit with the band but are welcome to sit in the stands and watch the band perform.   Some special football games include: 

  • Pink out Game:  Show support for Breast Cancer Awareness at this game.  While not required, anything pink is preferred.  Uniforms are not worn this night. 
  • Homecoming Game:  Football game played during Homecoming week.
  • Senior Night: Recognition of Senior Band members and parents. 


MANDATORY. Marching Band Competitions are where many different bands compete/perform. For the band, competitions are like “game days”.   There are generally 4 competitions a season in September-October. These are all-day and often late-night events.      Often the exact itinerary isn’t known until a few days before the competition so leave the whole day open.  One competition may be out of town and include an overnight stay.   The students meet at LHS and ride the bus to/from competitions together.  All costs of travel and competition fees for the students are covered by Bandstanders.  Meals may be provided at some, but cost of extra food, souvenirs, and additional purchases are at the student’s expense. 

Bands that perform are critiqued and ranked in different areas of marching band performance by qualified judges. There are judges that both walk amongst the band on the field and also observe from above stadium seats.  Scores are based on music and visuals.  At some competitions, the band will perform twice (preliminary and finals).  Remember, the band will perform even if it is raining. Usually, the awards are given out after all bands have performed.  

The band needs your support as a cheering section in the stands! If possible, try to sit in a central area of the stands towards the top to get the best overview of the performance and picture formations. A good stadium seat cushion comes in handy. Be aware that you can only enter and exit the stands after each performance. Show your spirit by wearing your spirit wear, show shirt, or school colors and cheer them on but be courteous to the other spectators and performers. You can also sign up to help chaperone, dress them, and move equipment. Competitions are a fundraiser for the host school so there is a small admission fee charged to spectators. There are also concessions for spectators and other band-related merchandise available at some events. These events can be crowded, and parking is sometimes tight and can be a bit of a walk.  

  • One competition that Lindbergh participates in yearly is Bands of America (BOA) Regional Competition.  This is a two day event at STL Dome at America’s Center with a prelims/finals format.  There are over 60 bands in competition from around the nation with several bands performing on Friday and Saturday.   If our preliminary performance is on Friday, the band leaves during school hours depending on the time.  Then Saturday, the band reports to the LHS band room to watch the Preliminary Awards Presentation and Finalist announcement together.  Should they score high enough to be in the Finals competition (top 14 bands), they immediately get on the bus to return to the Dome.  


Super Saturday Rehearsal & Pool Party: (August)  A Saturday rehearsal followed by a pool party at community pool. 

Cardinals Ball Game: (July/August) LHS Marching Band performs the national anthem before the start of a Cardinal game.  Then they sit together and watch the game.  Band member’s tickets are included in their band fee.  Tickets will be available for families to purchase. 

Rah, Rah Day: (August, before the first day of school) Annual welcome back performance for Lindbergh teachers and employees.  @LHS

Green & Gold Pep Rally: (August, before the first day of school)  Kick-off of the Lindbergh fall sports and activities.  The Band plays in the stands much like a football game experience. Parents/families are welcome to attend.  @LHS

Homecoming Parade: (September) Parade occurs during Homecoming Week after the school day.  Usually starts at Sperreng Middle School and proceeds to LHS.  Freshman-Junior band members march in the parade route.  Senior band members ride on a float.  Parents/families are welcome to sit along the parade route.  

Parents as Marchers: (September/October) Parents are invited to participate in an evening rehearsal with your band kid.  This is highly encouraged to experience the hard work your marcher puts in during the season. 

Sunday Night Lights: (October) Optional event for all band members.  Sunday Night Lights is a free event to bring to life the experience of a high school football game for kids who are battling cancer or other serious childhood diseases.  High school seniors participate as buddies for this event.  The band plays like a typical football game.  Parents/families are encouraged to attend and support this event.  @LHS.

Marching Band Fall Awards Night: (October/November) Each year, the Directors and Bandstanders want to recognize the spectacular accomplishments of our marching band students, so we have a Marching Band Fall Awards Night. This event is optional, but each student is recognized (especially seniors). We also encourage parents to join us.  @ LHS

End of Marching Band Season:  Marching band season ends the middle-end of October and Concert season begins.  All marching band members will be placed in a concert band class at school.

Big Trip:  Every 4 years, the band takes a big trip out of state during spring break.   There will be numerous fundraisers to support this event.  In spring of 2022, the band went to Universal Studios and Disney World.  The next big trip will be Spring 2026.

Band uniforms



4S’s – Band Shirt, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes 

  • The 4S’s are required.  They are used as an informal uniform and are worn under the Marching Band Uniform.
  • The shirt and shorts will be available to purchase through our Logo store. You will be instructed on how and when to purchase.  It is recommended to have two sets but only one set is required. 
  • Band shoes are commonly known as Dinkles and are required.  Dinkles can be ordered during Marching Band Registration and fitted during summer camp. 
  • One pair of band socks come with the Dinkles.  Additional band socks will be available to purchase during summer camp or marching band season. 

Marching Band Uniforms

  • During registration, you will be asked to provide measurements for the Marching Band Uniform.  The Toolkit will provide guidance on how to measure your student.  During the summer band camp, band members will be properly fitted for the uniforms.   
  • Uniforms and accessories (shako, plume, gloves) are provided and will be stored at the school.  

For all performances, competitions, and football games (unless otherwise stated), you must:

  • Wear your 4S’s (shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes)
  • No fingernail polish of any kind – exception will be for Homecoming.
  • If your hair is below the collar, it must be put up prior to showing up for call time. 
  • No jewelry except a medical alert bracelet.  If the kids are wearing earrings that can’t be taken out, we cover them with bandaids.  Any piercings and jewelry that are visible and can be removed, should be removed.



As a new parent or student, you will hear terms that might not make sense without proper context. Below are explanations of what you will probably read or hear about. 

    • 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A: The class (size of the band) – 1A bands are the smallest while 6A are the largest. Size is determined by the number of musicians and size of the school. 
    • 4S’s:   The Band Shirt, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes. They are used as an informal uniform and are worn under the Marching Band Uniform.  They can be purchased from the Logo store at the end of the school year prior to marching season.  Notification of this will be sent out via email. 
    • Band Leadership: The student executive committee 
    • Battery (Percussion):  Members of the battery consists of the kids who actually march with various types of drums strapped to them. Members of the battery play the snare, tenor/quads, or bass drum.
    • Bibs: The overall-like garment worn under jackets in the marching band uniform.
    • BOA:  BOA stands for Bands of America Competition which is a national organization for high school music students. These competitions are held around the US. There is a preliminary performance and qualifying bands will proceed to finals.    BOA website is
    • Color Guard: The group of athletes who provide visual interest to the field shows through the use of costumes, flags, dancing, and props.
    • Concert Season: Season after Marching Band during the second half of the school year 
    • Dinkles (Marching Shoes): Special shoes each marcher wears during shows and competitions. ·        Can be purchased at time of registration. 
    • Dot Book: A small notebook or cards that holds each student’s drill for the Marching Band show. 
    • Drum Majors: The students who conduct the marching band.  
    • Drum Line:  This is the percussion section of the marching band.   It is made up of members of the Battery and the Pit.  
    • Equipment Crew:  The Equipment Crew is responsible for maintaining equipment and building props.  They are responsible for transporting all equipment, instruments, uniforms, etc to all Marching Band events.  This includes staging before the band needs to perform, and for loading everything back up after the show.  They meet regularly during Marching Band season as well as attend competitions.  
    • Field Show: The field show is a choreographed, marched musical routine that may include the use of props. The show is performed by both the band and the color guard. It is performed during home football games and during band competitions. 
    • Logo Store:  Online store for purchasing merchandise including our 4S shorts and shirt.  
    • Pit (Percussion): The Pit members play instruments such as mallet keyboards, marimbas, chimes, vibes, and cymbals.  They move and load/unload the pit equipment.   Also called Front Ensemble.   During parades, they march and play cymbals. 
    • Plumes: Plumes are the fluffy feather-like decorative accessories that are stuck onto the band members’ shakos (hats) before they perform. Between appearances they are carefully stored and managed by our uniform coordinator. The plumes are very soft and very susceptible to destruction by water and/or contact with teenagers. Thus they are applied at the last possible moment before performances and removed as quickly as possible after performances.  Feathers cannot be touched due to oil of hands. Gloves are worn when placing in the shako.  
    • Shakos: Shakos are the band member’s hat for their uniforms.
    • Show Shirt: A t-shirt matching the theme of the performance for that season. Great souvenir for the year.  It is optional. 
    • Section: Each group of like instruments is a section. Examples of sections are flutes, trumpets, baritones. 
    • Section Leaders: Student leaders of each section of the band. They are experienced musicians (generally upperclassmen) chosen by directors. They have demonstrated both musical skill on their instrument and leadership within the band. 
    • Zero Hour:  Before school rehearsals during marching band season.  Call times to be advised by directors. 




MARCHING BAND CAMP BEGINS JULY 22, 2024 AT LHS!  7:00am-5:00pm

**Best time for summer vacation is between June 27 and July 21, 2024. 

Full schedule is available on the band website calendar at

 **Remember: You must log in to see all dates! Please free your schedule so you are available for all rehearsals. If you have a planned/emergency rehearsal absence, please click link and fill out form to alert directors: Rehearsal Planned Absence Form (

Summer Marching Band Camp is MANDATORY.  This camp will form the basis of the upcoming year’s performance.  The students learn to work in their respective sections and as one group.  They get to meet their leaders and band members.  Morning snack and lunch are provided by Bandstanders.  Students must organize your own transportation. 

Typical Band Camp Schedule

7:00am-11:30am- Visual Rehearsal

11:30am-1:30pm- Lunch Break

1:30pm-5:00pm- Music Rehearsal

  • Rehearsals are ON rain or shine. 
  • All camp rehearsals will take place at LHS!
  • Lunch and snacks will be served each day of camp.

Please make sure your band member has the following items to be fully prepared for camp:

  • Instrument/Equipment
  • Water Jug (label it!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Shoes/Socks
  • Lyre (brass and woodwinds only)
  • Flip Folder (woodwinds only) - Grover-Trophy 10 Window Flip Folio for Marching Band (sold on Amazon or at Nottlemans)

 General Camp Recommendations and Tips:

  • Shoes
    • Check shoes
    • Soft-soled shoes with adequate arch and heel protection
    • Shoes like Vans lead to the most foot, ankle and knee pain problems
    • No flip-flops or skater shoes. 
  • Sun
    • Hat
    • Light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
    • Rx (prescription) and OTC (Over the Counter) meds can increase sun sensitivity
    • Sunscreen
  • Sweat
    • It is essential for students to know when they are not sweating any more
    • Rx meds can increase body temp and decrease sweating
    • Drink LOTS of non-caffeinated beverages at home
  • Water Bottles
    • Large insulated bottles are best (half-gallon to gallon). 
    • Make sure to label it.

Parent Volunteers:  Lots of help is needed for Marching Band Camp including food, uniforms, and comfort stations.  Please check out the Volunteer Opportunities on the home page to sign up.  Thanks for your support. 



Thursday, August 8, 2024 through Sunday, August 11, 2024

Marching Band Camp at Camp Lakewood (Trout Lodge YMCA) is a cooperative effort between the Lindbergh School District and Bandstanders. This is a MANDATORY 4-day (Thursday-Sunday) sleep-away camp where the hard work begins!

Camp Lakewood is part of the Trout Lodge YMCA camp and conference center located about 80 miles southwest of St. Louis in Potosi, Missouri. It is a large facility with many activities ranging from swimming and canoeing to hiking and outdoor activities. Meals are included and will be served buffet-style in their dining facility.  Campers are permitted unlimited servings.

Campers are housed in rustic cabins equipped with modern plumbing and electricity. All cabins are air-conditioned. Each cabin is chaperoned by at least one band parent who shares housing with the students. Chaperones will call the family of each student assigned to their cabin prior to camp to introduce themselves, gather important information needed regarding your student, and to answer any questions. Please share any and all information about your student that will help us make this a memorable and rewarding experience for him or her. Students and chaperones are transported via buses.  The trip is included in the band member’s band feels but there is a small fee for chaperones.


WHY CAMP LAKEWOOD? This will be the 29th year our band has attended camp at Camp Lakewood. We have found that by camping together, a band removes itself from the distractions of the city and is better able to concentrate on learning the music and drill for our show. Furthermore, we get to know one another much quicker in an atmosphere that promotes friendship and teamwork without worrying about cars, jobs, or telephone messages! The facilities at Camp Lakewood support this atmosphere better than any other we have yet to find. 

Please Note: Students MAY NOT leave camp at any time without Director approval. Cell phone service is limited at camp. In case of emergencies, the toll free number at Camp Lakewood (Trout Lodge) is 314-241-9622. Please restrict the use of this number to emergencies only.



  • 6:30 a.m. Wake Up / Tidy Cabin
  • 7:00 a.m. Breakfast
  • 8:15 a.m. Marching Rehearsal / Chaperones Inspect Cabins
  • 11:30 a.m. Lunch
  • 12:30 p.m. Music / Guard Section Rehearsals
  • 3:00–5:00 p.m. Recreation / Free Time 
  • 5:00 p.m. Dinner
  • 6:30 p.m. Marching Rehearsal
  • 9:30 p.m. Snack / Social Activity
  • 10:30 p.m. Dismissal to Cabins
  • 11:30 p.m. Lights Out
  • *Times may be adjusted due to weather and rehearsal needs.

Packing List for Camp Lakewood (2023):

  • Instrument in good playing condition (valve oil, reeds, etc.)
  • Music lyre, flip folder with all music 
  • Dot book / Drill bag
  • 4-6 Outfits (comfortable outfits for rehearsals, light colors are recommended)
  • 2 pair of Good, supportive ATHLETIC shoes and socks for marching and some rocky terrain(field is often wet in the morning & wet shoes are uncomfortable shoes) ~ALL SHOES WORN ON MARCHING FIELD MUST HAVE LACES THAT TIE~
  • Gold Bond Powder or chafing cream (don’t underestimate the importance of this item!!!)
  • A pair of long pants
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket for cool nights (it can happen)
  • Any medications needed (prescription or over-the-counter, must be in original packaging)
  • Toiletries
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit 
  • beach Towel 
  • Insect Repellent 
  • 2 Bath Towels and Face cloth
  • LARGE INSULATED Water Bottle or Jug (half-gallon to gallon) (MANDATORY) 
  • REGULAR Reusable Water Bottle for use in Cabin and during Free Time
  • Bedding: Sleeping Bag and/or Sheets/Blanket, Pillow (If not in luggage please place in a LABELED plastic trash bag)
  • Trash bag to put dirty clothes and shoes in to pack home (label bag)

Optional Items

  • Bandana (helps provide relief from the sun/heat while on the field)
  • Rain boots and Rain Coat (If rainy weather is in the forecast)
  • Cards, games, reading material
  • Spending money (small store on property)
  • Cabin Snacks (must be in air-tight containers)
  • **DO NOT SEND any products containing PEANUTS or TREE NUTS – SEVERE ALLERGY

Call time is 7:00am Thursday.  Luggage Inspection Upon Arrival to LHS.

  • Insulated Water Jug (MUST BE EMPTY)
  • Medicines in original container (OTC/Prescription)
  • Personal snacks in AIR TIGHT containers
  • DO NOT SEND any products containing PEANUTS or TREE NUTS – SEVERE ALLERGY

Students will not have access to luggage until 3:30pm on Thursday.  They must have on Bus to Lakewood:

  • Tennis Shoes
  • Water Jug
  • Drill Bag
  • Medicines 
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Screen
  • Anything else you would need on the field

Students will arrive back to school from camp between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m on Sunday. It has been a long trip!  Please be prompt in picking up your child. It will be a long trip for us all so we can use help when we return. Students will not be dismissed until all equipment is unloaded/stored.