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The “Spirit of St. Louis Marching Band” is comprised of students from the entire band program grades 9-12. The purpose of this first semester daily class is to provide students with unique performance opportunities while improving their musical skills, building individual confidence, responsibility and social skills. Through rehearsals and performance at football games, competitions, and concerts, each student will experience and be expected to demonstrate contemporary marching styles while performing related memorized music on their instrument/equipment. Performances include home varsity football games, homecoming parades, band competitions, and other performances as approved.  Since this a performance- based class, students must be present and punctual to succeed. A significant portion of the student’s grade will be based on attendance.  Click here for more information about the Marching Band program. 

Concert Bands (Freshman; Concert; Symphonic)

The high school concert bands are for all woodwind, brass, and percussionists interested in advancing their skills as instrumentalists and participating in a performing ensemble with a tradition of excellence. Participation in Freshman Band and Concert Band is open to all instrumentalists regardless of experience. Participation in Symphonic Band is by audition and is the most advanced band at the high school. Private lessons are highly recommended for all band musicians who desire to advance their skills to perform at a higher level.  Click here for more information about the Concert Bands program.

Jazz Ensemble/Jazz Lab/Jazz Band

Lindbergh High School offers three jazz bands—Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab, and Jazz Band. With a comprehensive study of styles and history, these bands have multiple opportunities to participate in festivals and concerts throughout the school year. The Jazz Ensemble is a high school class that meets daily, while the Jazz Lab, and Jazz Band meet during zero hour. Students receive academic credit for Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab. All bands are created through an audition process that encourages participation regardless of a student's experience in this genre. Jazz Ensemble auditions take place in February for the next school year, while Jazz Lab and Jazz Band auditions are held in October for the current school year.   Click here for more information about Jazz Band programs.

Music Theory

This high school AP course teaches students basic musical language and grammar including note reading, musical notation, harmonic analysis, and part writing which will lead to a thorough understanding of music composition and music theory. Students also obtain and practice ear training skills and skills required for sight reading musical literature, and recognize the development of music from an historical and cultural perspective and extend musical awareness beyond music currently familiar to the student.  Students may earn college credit through the AP Music Theory Exam upon completion of the course.

Music Tech

Through the use of hardware and software, piano performance, and music theory, this course will introduce students to the creative and practical aspects of music technology. This course covers the following areas of study: 1) History of electronic music MIDI/computer language, function and terminology, 2) Music Theory, 3) Basic piano skills, 4) Use of Reason and Finale music software, 5) Music notation to electronic music compositions, 6) Record and perform compositions, 7) Critique and evaluate compositions, and 8) Introduction to radio broadcast.

Winter Guard

Students are able to audition to become a member of the Lindbergh H.S. Winter Guard, with tryouts typically held in November. Winter Guard is an extracurricular activity that practices outside of the regular school day, with the practice season starting in November and continuing through early April. Members use the elements of dance and various props including, but not limited to, flags, rifles and sabers to perform to a specific show theme chosen for the season. Winter Guard performs indoors on a gymnasium floor and competes at competitions both inside and outside the St. Louis area. State Championships are held each year in Springfield, MO. Visit www.mccga.org for more information.

Other Opportunities

St. Louis Suburban High School Concert and Jazz Bands

The St. Louis Suburban High School Concert Band and Jazz Band are comprised of the best high school band students in the St. Louis area. All high school students are encouraged to audition. At the high school level students must successfully audition into one of these groups to be eligible for the All-State Ensemble auditions. It is an honor to make this group, and we are proud of the students who have been selected in the past and look forward to having many of our students represent the Lindbergh District in the future. 

Solo and Small Ensemble

Solo and small ensemble is one of the most valuable performance opportunities offered to young musicians. This gives any student or group of students a chance to choose their own piece of music to perform and be critiqued and rated by very experienced adjudicators. We highly recommend that our high school students participate in this important event. This is another event that includes an All-State level festival in high school.

Our monthly giving program makes it possible for every LHS student to have the opportunity to play in the band, regardless of cost.

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