Lindbergh High School Color Guard & Winter Guard 

DIRECTOR:    Mr. Jamie Hutson



The LHS Spirit of St. Louis Color Guard is for students who wish to enhance music through the use of equipment and body movements and learn the fundamentals of flag spinning.  They participate with the Marching Band and auditions are held yearly. 



All performances, competitions, and football games for Marching band/color guard can be found on the Marching Band calendar on Marching Band ToolKit (MTK) at  Lindbergh Bands Bandstanders - Calendar (  You will need to log in to the MTK and click on the CALENDAR tab or check the App.    The Calendar can also be “synced” to your personal calendar (and that of your student) so you won’t miss a thing!!   However as with all things, it is subject to change so if you do sync it with your personal calendar, it will certainly make things much easier to keep track of.   The band directors do everything within their power to adhere to this schedule but things happen.  Always check the calendar before making any vacation plans too.

Please refer to Marching Band Schedule and Events Guide for more specific details.

**Color Guard follows the schedule unless otherwise noted.  They will also have additional sectional practices which will be communicated by director. 


Color Guard members have several required items, as well as a few optional personalized items. Some are purchased as part of the registration process and others will be ordered through the LogoWear sale. Required items do not have to be purchased each year but must be in good condition.

All members must have a set of Color of the Day (COTD) shirts or tanks and a pair of body tights. These are ordered during registration. Items do not have to be purchased new each year but must be in good condition.

All members must have a black Lindbergh Band tshirt, black leggings, band socks and black athletic shoes, referred to as the "4S's".   The Tshirt is will be ordered through the LogoWear store (be on the lookout for more info).

Members also have the option to order a personalized Guard jacket and duffle bag during the LogoWear sale. If they do not order a personalized jacket, they will have one assigned to them for the season. Loaner jackets must be returned at the end of the season. This jacket is specific to Guard and is not the same as the letterman style jacket.

Other optional items such as a tshirt with the show theme (a "show shirt"), a t-shirt for the Pink Out game, and other band LogoWear will be available through a second LogoWear sale later this year. 



Students are able to audition to become a member of the Lindbergh H.S. Winter Guard, with tryouts typically held in late October/early November. Winter Guard is an extracurricular activity that practices outside of the regular school day, with the practice season starting in November and continuing through early April. Members use the elements of dance and various props including (but not limited to) flags, rifles and sabers to perform a specific show theme chosen for the season. Winter Guard performs indoors on a gymnasium floor and competes at competitions both inside and outside the St. Louis area. State Championships are held each year in Springfield, MO (visit for more info). A full calendar with practice schedule, competition events, and other activities will be provided to each member.