4S’s – Band Shirt, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes 

  • The 4S’s are required.  They are used as an informal uniform and are worn under the Marching Band Uniform.
  • The shirt and shorts will be available to purchase through our Logo store. You will be instructed on how and when to purchase.  It is recommended to have two sets but only one set is required. 
  • Band shoes are commonly known as Dinkles and are required.  Dinkles will be available to purchase online from MTK and will be fitted during summer camp. 
  • Band socks will be available to purchase during summer camp or marching band season from Uniform Team. 

Marching Band Uniforms

  • During the summer band camp, band members will be properly fitted for the uniforms.   
  • Uniforms and accessories (shako, plume, gloves) are provided and will be stored at the school.  
  • Only 4S items come home with the student.  If your student comes home with a piece of their uniform, it needs to be returned ASAP.

For all performances, competitions, and football games (unless otherwise stated), you must:

  • Students should arrive to events in their 4S’s (Shorts, Shirt, Socks, and Shoes/Dinkles)
  • No fingernail polish of any kind – exception will be for Homecoming.
  • If your hair is below the collar, it must be put up prior to showing up for call time. 
  • No jewelry except a medical alert bracelet.  If the kids are wearing earrings that can’t be taken out, we cover them with bandaids.  Any piercings and jewelry that are visible and can be removed, should be removed.
  • **Please keep in mind that we are scored based on our appearance as well as our music and visuals at competitions!