A Tour of Our District Band Program

For more than sixty years, the Lindbergh community and Board of Education has found music to be an important part of every child's education. As the beneficiaries of that philosophy, our program strives to innovate and grow while building upon a historic and celebrated past.

Although the program structure has changed over the years, the philosophy of team teaching has not. The seamless integration of the high school and middle school staff and programs are at the forefront of our teaching. With a comprehensive middle school band program that starts in the summer before sixth grade, our students have the opportunity to pursue a daily and summer band experience throughout their secondary school career.

At the high school, all Lindbergh band faculty work with the 200+ member "Spirit of St. Louis" Marching Band. Following the marching band season, all 300 band students audition for placement in one of three bands—Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Freshman Band. The Symphonic Band and Concert Band meet daily during the first hour of a seven-period day, allowing for student movement between bands. All freshman meet daily in second hour Freshman Band. As a continuation of our middle school program, participation in private instruction, festivals and honor bands have continued to enhance our daily curriculum.

For students with a desire for more musical pursuits, Lindbergh offers five different jazz bands from middle school to high school, courses in music technology and AP Music Theory at the high school, and extracurricular opportunities in Color Guard/Winter Guard dance at both the middle and high school levels. With nearly 2100 students at Lindbergh High School, thirty-four percent are enrolled in music classes and twenty-five percent in performing ensembles.