Why Participate in Band?

Music Hones the Brain

Studies show that the brain of a musician is far more developed and contains more complex connections than the brain of a non-musician. The action of creating music involves using parts of the brain that are not usually reached by a single school subject. While playing a musical phrase, the brain is required to recognize variations in pitch and articulation (language skills), detect intonation issues and how to fix them (sound physics and problem-solving), divide and multiply fractions (math skills), and concentrate on a single part while fitting into the larger sound of the group; and the brain has to do all this in a split second. Studying an instrument sharpens the brain’s ability to do these things, which translates into their other subjects. Participation in band enhances a child’s brain development and sets them up to use critical thinking for the rest of their lives.

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Music is an Achievement

Music requires practice and dedication. Students spend hours developing their skills to create a pleasing and beautiful work of art. Students get the opportunity to showcase their hard work in concerts. Participating in concerts boosts the student’s confidence, helps to eliminate stage fright, and creates a sense of accomplishment when they hear the audience applauding for their work. Giving a student something to strive for enforces a good work ethic and sense of accomplishment.

Music Fosters Friendships

Participating in an ensemble like band or orchestra brings students together to develop lasting friendships. In the often tumultuous years of adolescence, students need friends to lean on for support and acceptance. Participating in a music activity fosters support, and team cooperation. And, it’s fun! Students get to spend time with their friends while participating in something that they love. Music is an excellent opportunity to create wonderful memories with wonderful people.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” Billy Joel

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